Growning and Learning

Where little ones can learning spanish!

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Our technique to stimulate our children is through playful activities,by doing this they, have an excellent learning experience, they be able to develop all their capacities to their full extent.

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Activities will differ each day!
Activities that we provide
These are just a few!


Painting with hands, feet, and brushes; also projects involving crafts.

Dance and Music time

Making sounds using "musical instruments"; performing dance moves involving jumps,hoops,battens,etc.

Reading time

Children will read fun and entertaining learning book which will be followed by songs and flash cards(both in English and Spanish).

Free time

Children will have the option to play whatever they wish to do

Estimation activities

puzzles,clay,paint,building and straws construction are great for improving childrens skills.


Children love science!We only use "kids proof"materials for projects,example:volcano erupting and color mixing.


Children 2 years up will be taught how to prepare their own snack.

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